Executive Decision Making

Early on in the process, almost right after our
decision to take the new job and move to Zurich, we flew to Switzerland for an initial “reconnaissance”
trip. I will write more about that in Monday’s post, but first I’d be interested to
hear from you about how you make (or would like to make) major decisions related to a move – not whether
to move or not, but all that comes next – in the context of the couple or
How do you negotiate decisions with your partner? Is
there a “division of labor” – each one dealing with specific areas of
decision-making, such as housing, schools, etc. – or is everything approached jointly?
Or is it more of an ad-hoc process?
If you have moved with children, to what extent (and
in which areas) have you involved them in the decision-making process – if at
all? For example, did your kids have a say in the selection of the school they
would go to; or the choice of their new home?

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  1. We definitely do everything as a team for big decisions like moves

  2. Hi, I wanted to comment on this as well. Not sure if it will help (or even if I'm commenting correctly?!) First, we never have a strategy. We should, but have learned, after 15 years together, what we're each good at – and what we're not and what's important to us. In general, I've got a better gut instinct and David's better at logistics and making it happen, so we rely on whatever strength is needed for said decision. Here's the breakdown: Schools: important; we looked at everything together, included Eamonn. I contacted everyone, he did the logistic comparisons. We felt good (but not great) about our decision. Turns out we want something different (which we wouldn't have known) so will likely change. Apartments and neighborhood: my gut trumped because I was going to be around more and needed central location. Plus, I care more about the apartment than he does. Included Eamonn too – to an extent. Logistics/shipping/paperwork: All David. I hate that stuff and would not have moved if I had to deal with it. Didn't even ask about it. Childcare: Me and Eamonn; David in the final round. Also (and I think this is important) we agreed the "move" budget upfront on things I knew we would need to make us comfortable and me sane. For us, we got to a point where I knew what we needed, what it would cost and didn't want to argue about it (or even really discuss it) when I wanted to buy something I knew we needed. I love my husband, but he would have thought we were done after we bought two lamps. Course, he loves it all now. But the sign-off upfront kept the interim peace.

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