It’s raining outside but I don’t care


There must be something wrong with me.
The only word that can capture perfectly what goes on outside my window right now is: yuck. This feels like the chilliest, wettest, stormiest, most miserable November I have ever experienced – in May. After over a month of consistently rainy and cold weather, everyone around me is at the end of their wits – not just the foreigners, but also the Swiss, who, I thought, should be familiar with this kind of weather (turns out that many of them are not, since this is the worst May in thirty years). The weather has been part of every single conversation around me for weeks now.
So there must be something wrong with me, because it hasn’t gotten to me yet. The fact
that the probability of rain is 90% throughout the day today and the temperature in the single digits leaves me untouched. Though I do feel bad for the kids not being able to take advantage of our garden or the so many wonderful outdoor activities this city has to offer, personally, I don’t mind. To say that this is highly unusual for me would be an understatement.
I may have mentioned, a while ago, a (mild) addiction I have to Japanese matcha green tea. When we left Vienna, one of the things I knew I would miss the most was my daily ritual of walking over to my little neighborhood Japanese café and ordering my matcha
latte – or rather, not even ordering any more, since they would know what to start preparing as soon as I walked in the door. I knew there was no such thing in Zurich. For months, I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to find something similar, until a couple of days ago, when I walked into another favourite café and had something that tasted exactly like my favourite drink. My eyes lit up. Could this be a sign that I’m almost there? It’s funny how something so little and so trivial can mean so much. Yet, aren’t sensory experiences, like tastes and smells, closely linked to our emotions? If a matcha that tastes “just right” makes me feel at home, that’s not trivial, at least not to me.
So at the nine-month mark, I am starting to feel at home here. And with home, like with friends, you have to take the whole package: the good and the less good. You learn (and like) to live with both. That’s why I don’t mind the weather.
I also don’t mind it because – if one excludes its depressing quality, which I have already moved beyond – it is perfect weather for writing. I love being able to concentrate on my work without being tempted, constantly, to go for a walk or a bike ride or an ice cream along the lake by a glorious sun shining on my beautiful surroundings (I know, I’m strange). As long as I can hear the birds – and it seems that most of them didn’t get the memo and are, stunningly, still tweeting away every morning, even under the pouring rain – like them, I will keep pretending that spring has come.
Does the weather get to you?
If you are in the same
corner of the world as I am – or even if you’re not – here’s a little something to make your day.


  1. Anonymous

    This blog lifted my spirits since I was freezing yesterday.

    My moral used to be affected much more by the weather and now it is my energy levels which are affected. Grey weather makes me tired..

    My take: if one's life is going fine, the weather has little impact on one's mood but if one's life is in turmoil, the weather or any other external factor is used as a scapegoat.

    Your association of finding the right drink which reminds you of home is exactly like mine.

    When I drink coffee abroad, it just tastes awful. On my last trips, I didn't even order my favourite cappucino as I knew that I would be disappointed and it would not be what I am used to.

    I think that with age, we start to think that if whatever we buy doesnt correspond to what we are used to: it leaves us with disappointment.

    I read a report the other day on consumers of 2020: these consumers no longer buy for the sake of buying but buy something which gives them a feeling of comfort or joy or a memory…

  2. Thank you. So glad it made you feel good (writing it lifted my spirits as well!). Yes, we do get disappointed when we don't find what we expect or remember, but it's definitely worth to keep looking!

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